Land. Vast, gentle, historic.
People. Sociable, wine-loving, pure.
Soil. Multi-faceted and fertile.
Climate. Simply perfect for wine.

In ancient times area of the so-called „Urdonau“ – sediments of gravel still prove its course. The land witnessed war battles and saw itself as a buffer zone between two ideologies. Characterized by almost infinite translucent width it seems that time stops sometimes over here. Then it’s time for a good glass of wine. Thats probably why Weinviertel people are that sociable. Soil and climate are perfect for wine growing, it’s a mixture of loess, chernozem, gravel and sand that provides the ideal basis for the vines. Hot days, cool nights and little rain in between – ingredients concentrating the grape’s flavour. Different locations together with the great variety of climatic features create perfect conditions for viticulture. Weinviertel region – a treasury so to say. Mistelbach an der Zaya – our home town.


Background. Typical parental farm.
Motivation. Five vines as starting capital.
Fascination. Always been there.

We are running a typical Weinviertel-style farm in the town of Mistelbach. In 2005 our son Alex took the chance to fulfill his dream of becoming a wine-grower and thus enriched our spectrum. Fascinated by wine-making since the early childhood he started up with only five single vines. Life in harmony with nature, the incredibly diverse but hard work and the success – characteristics of the wine-grower’s everyday life. And this is what Alex still loves about his job. Luckily he can always count on the support of the whole family. What attracted Alex most to become a wine-grower? „Making wine is exciting, challenging and exhausting – but it’s just great fun!“ Just like that.


Vineyards. Worked by hand.
Vines. A special mix of generations.
Quality. No compromise.

The vineyards surrounding the town of Mistelbach are the home of our vines, with the locations „Schneiderberg“ and „Tiergarten“ as the most important ones providing us with Grüner Veltliner and Roter Muskateller. The vines at „Steinhübel“ are orientated southwards allowing them a marvellous view down on the city. We are working our vineyards completely by hand following the guidelines for integrated production. Since some of our vines are yet more than 30 years old this is crucial to assure high quality in the long run. Though it is raised in the vineyards it has to be stimulated and demanded on a daily basis – this is our unconditional conviction and therefore center of our attention. For wine has been cultivated already for thousands of years and not invented.